About Us

We inspire! We motivate! We give hope!

Our Mission

Using multifaceted and integrated programmes to nurture teenage and young adult leaders as positive change agents within their communities.

Our Vision

Building teenage and youth leaders for positive change.

Our vision is in touch with the sustainable development goals 4, 5 and 10

Who we are

At Eripsni Limited, we believe that every young person can be whatever they want to be – wherever they live, whatever their parents do, whichever school they attend and however they identify themselves. We equip and empower the next generation of leaders with values and confidence to make the world a better place. Our objective is to help young, adorable leaders understand that by aiming high, working hard, and making an effort in school or college they can realise their dreams and quest for excellence and stardom.

Through our various programmes we have touched the lives of over 5,435 youths drawn from 120 private and public schools and 1 orphanage home in Nigeria. We have worked with over 70 teachers and impacted 103 communities.

We see and hear so much about how important for young people to imbibe good values. The truth is that if we do not accept this responsibility, then the void may be filled by negative forces in our culture that do not support healthy morals and ethics for the world.

Hope matters and the good news is that hope can be cultivated, even among students who are at risk for losing it. Helping our students cultivate hope amidst the challenges of life is one of the most important things we do for them. Not only does it help them get more A’s in the short run; it will give them the confidence and creativity to reach their long-term goals in school and in life.

Our Core Values













Youths Impacted








Sustainable Development Goals

We offer programmes/workshops with the objective of helping teenagers and youths enhance their personal effectiveness and to excel in their academics.

The programme pays a large premium on the girl youth. It has focused largely on bridging the gap in access to education for females thereby supporting goal No. 5 for gender equality. Till date 3,395 females have been impacted by this programme. This represents 62.5% of the total participants impacted.

We are able to take this programme to youths of the less privileged in rural and vulnerable communities thereby reducing inequalities to access of education.

Meet the Team

Ekuase Egbe

Founder and CEO

Ekuase Egbe is the Chief Executive Officer at Eripsni Limited. She is a CMD-certified training consultant with 10 years’ experience and 25 years’ relationship management and business development experience in the banking and telecom sectors.

She obtained her first degree in Civil Engineering (Foundation & Geotechnical Engineering) from the prestigious University of Lagos. Her quest for excellence, innovation and knowledge propelled her to obtaining a Master’s degree in the same discipline and from the same University.

Her core activities for over 15 years have centered on increasing access to quality education and providing complementary skills that stimulate better application of education gained.

She is an excellent senior management leader with over 22 years of experience in Operations management and business development in various industries with specialist knowledge in Credit Risk Management, Wealth management, Commercial and Retail banking, bank operations and Financial Institutions (Capital Market), Portfolio Management, and performance assessment. She has served in the capacity of a Branch Manager at Spring Bank Plc, Training Consultant and Chief Operations Officer at Jokie Global Resources. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Eripsni Limited.

Ekuase is a human capacity builder through mentoring and motivational speaking. She has facilitated and lead transformative talks, workshops and consultations aimed at improving the quality of Life of students in primary and secondary schools. Her passion for young people has earned her a place as a ‘builder’ of new hopes and dreams.

Ekuase has worked with leading international brands to bring hope to young people around the world. She sells inspiration and hope to every youth.

She is married with children.

Dr. Osasu Osayimwen


Dr. Osasu Osayimwen is an internal medicine physician practicing in Glenview, IL. His education began in Nigeria where he attended King’s College Lagos and later, The University of Ibadan.

He then moved to the USA where he obtained a Masters in Public Health from Boston University, earning the Herb Kane prize for excellence in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. “Excellence is not accidental. You need to plan and do your work. Measure twice and cut once,” are some of his life mantra.

He completed his residency training in internal medicine in the Yale system, New Haven CT before moving to settle in the Chicagoland area. He splits his time between administrative responsibilities in the hospital, providing patient care and also mentoring physicians in training.

He likes to spend time with his family (wife and four kids) and is also an avid golfer.
“Above all, put God first and live right.”

Gwen Abiola-Oloke


Gwen is an executive with over 25 years of experience in financial services, consulting and advisory with expertise in commercial banking and development finance and particular strengths in business strategy (conceptualization to market strategy), SME development, start-ups, business turnarounds, strategic partnerships, business development, fundraising, and foreign direct investment facilitation.

Gwen was Regional Investment Director, West Africa for GroFin, a private development financial institution providing risk capital and technical assistance to SMEs, where she oversaw five investment funds with portfolios clients from high impact sectors such as agribusiness, healthcare, education, manufacturing and power/renewable energy across the region.

Gwen is a vocal champion for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. She spearheaded the launch of GroFin’s gender lens GroWoman initiative and forged key partnerships with development organizations. She is an Accredited Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for women entrepreneurs.

Prior to GroFin, she culminated her 24years banking career as Country CEO for a Pan African commercial bank in the Republic of Benin and led the team that transformed the acquired moribund bank to top industry position.

Gwen has built a strong network in both the West African private sector and the development community and membership of several committees within the ecosystem. She is a member of the Institute of Directors of Nigeria with 14 years of experience as a Director serving on company boards in the region. She has served on federal committees in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.

She is a USA Accredited SME Consultant (ASMEC), holds an MBA from the Obafemi Awolowo University, an M.Sc. in Marketing from the University of Lagos and a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

Lauretta Lawrence Efienokwu

Research and Training

Lauretta is a highly motivated goal getter with a B.Pharm and Doctor of Pharmacy from the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria. Her dexterity at absorbing information, analysing problems, making objective decisions, and developing rapport with patients has aided her in successfully collaborating with children, parents, and staff.

She has planned and implemented daily learning and play workshops for young people in primary and secondary school and is committed to helping them discover their potentials, grow them and become admirable leaders through motivational and inspirational talks.

Lauretta is a devoted and professional Educator with the ability to connect with children of all ages. She is passionate about young people and helping them develop their social, emotional, intellectual and motor skills.