What we do

We touch Lives

At Eripsni Limited, we touch lives from two approaches:

1. Youth Development & Capacity Building
“Sense of motivation is the key to many achievements in life”.

Here at Eripsni Limited, we provide an interactive and inspiring environment for our participants – young students – to believe bigger. It is our objective to hear out each budding voice and to help each one discover and prioritize their greatest potentials. But beyond that, we know that it’s important to listen to what they have to say and respond with what they need to hear. We offer all types of tools and resources to motivate and inspire these young leaders: from learning strategies and mentorship (upon request) to connecting with other great minds from each session.

Life is like a playground; we get to pick what play structure we want to go on. But our decision is what truly makes the difference because each choice bears its consequences. At Eripsni Limited, we inculcate positive and create an enabling atmosphere for innovative ideas, personal development, and how to make the right decisions friends, university majors, etc.

We are not our mistakes. However, we learn from them.

At Eripsni Limited, we equip and empower the next generation of national leaders with the values and confidence they need to conquer the world. Our objective is to keep our young, adorable future leaders focused on the finest and the brightest of ideals even in their quest for excellence and stardom.

Our Methodology

  • We deliver motivational talks to school pupils.
  • We provide training, seminars, and tutoring for teachers and Heads of Schools on projects and the use of resources.
  • We provide Reward stickers and cardboards to schools.
  • We reward school pupils with plaques.

2. Self-Development Training – Nuggets For A Better You Training.

At Eripsni Limited, we believe in inculcating the best manners and teachings to our young leaders, so they are prepared for life ahead of them. After the training, each participant grows to be more confident in themselves and grounded in their values.

At these training sessions, we equip participants with the required skills they need to redirect their focus towards enhanced learning and self-discovery. These youth empowerment skills help them build self-confidence, self-awareness, self-love, and acceptance, and ultimately, healthy self-esteem. Although self-development is a life-long journey, we instill a very solid and trusted foundation for that. They are encouraged to be the best version of themselves. Our objective is to promote increased capacity among the young, vibrant future leaders who will steer the wheels of industry, innovation, and influence globally.

Our Methodology

We started physical training on Goals Setting and Effective Study Skills (GES) in 2017.

In the course of these training sessions, participants were taught SMART goals and strategies to improve their study habits. With the advent of COVID-19, virtual training was adopted and the modules were increased to six.

The modules are as follows:

  • Personal Core Values
  •  Acquiring Leadership Skills
  •  Standing up to Bullies
  • Ways of handling Peer Pressure
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • How to handle Failure
  • Effective ways of handling distractions
  • Skills for setting Academic Goals
  • Effective Study Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Managing Overwhelm

We will continue to focus on molding these future leaders by developing more training modules to positively impact them.