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At Eripsni Limited, we believe that every young person can be whatever they want to be – wherever they live, whatever their parents do, whichever school they attend and however they identify themselves.


We are so much excited and impressed with the program our son MacAnthony engaged in at your Academy. This kind of program is not common in Africa, it's so unique, and just one of a kind. We want to say "thank you" for allowing him participate in the program.

Tony and Mayowa Gbolagun.

The Goals Setting and Effective Skills workshop was of immense benefit to my daughter. At the time she attended the workshop she was at her preparatory stage for secondary school and I remember she was quite shy and learning to be more independent. The workshop taught her about goal setting, self-discipline, personal drive and results orientation.

Mrs. Nwamaka Okey-Aguoru. Senior HR Professional.

Thank you for the amazing classes that you delivered to us and I've been using the techniques to better my life and school work and it is having a positive impact on my life.

Geniune Gabrielle

Before, I was not serious with my education. I use up my time playing even when I was given an homework or classwork, I will not do it. Even when we are doing exam, I do not perform well. That day you talked to us, I thought about my life and my future. I realized how stupid I was. Since then, I have been serious with my studies. I have seen so much difference in my life and my school.

Jeremiah Federal Housing Primary School, Victoria Island, Lagos

I have stopped being stubborn. I no longer steal my mummy chocolate, snack and biscuit. I am no longer disobedient to my parents.”

Sylvester Model Nursery & Primary School, Lekki, Lagos

The services you are rendering are high impact and much needed. Last night, Uchechi said that she really enjoyed the classes, "Mummy, these are the best classes I have ever attended and I wish they could last forever"

Unique Uchechi

Thank you Coach Exciting Ekause. You have really impacted me.

Stylish Samantha

It was indeed a rewarding experience. They were hesitant when I mentioned the training to them. As it progressed, during our discussions, I noticed they were learning a lot given their responses during our interactions, also their willingness to participate grew. The icing of the cake was the "Daddy, thank you for enrolling us in the training" I got at the end. It confirmed the fact that the training was not a waste of time. I highly recommend this training for other children.

Engr. Ikechukwu Okereke

Thank you for answering your calling No doubt this is what you’re born to do I saw you in your element as I watched and listened to your program UNLEASH THE SUPER STAR IN YOUR CHILD daily as my daughter Kiki participated. IT IS A VERY COMPLETE AND TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM EVERY CHILD NEEDS IT IN THIS V.U.C.A.D (Volatile, Unpredictabile, Complex, Ambiguous and Disruptive) WORLD I RECOMMEND THIS COACHING PROGRAM FOR ALL CHILDREN Shalom I am The Catalyst

Lanre Olusola

I want to say massive "Thank you" to coaches and Nwadiuto and Exceptional Ekuase for the summer coaching camp they have been running for children. Judah (Joyful Judah as he is now known lol!) has attended 4/5 of the sessions and they have been really good starting points for him to develop a better growth mindset. This is stuff the schools don’t teach enough and I am glad that within our CICMP community, we have such powerful coaching resources to help our children thrive. Judah found the sessions really good. I hope Coach Nwadiuto and Coach Exceptional Ekuase, you will do more of these programs or small group or 1:1 coaching for tweens and teens! Parents like me need it o! Makes raising teens easier 😊 Bravo ladies!🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

Coach Banke United Kingdom

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